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Temperature Control

Advanced Features, Easy to Use
Extremely powerful and intuitive Rheo-Pro® CV-ST temperature controllers offer integrated, adaptive processing control for your complete hot runner system. The CV-ST combines up to 192 temperature control zones with valve gate sequence control. System software is programmed, tested and optimized for your specific hot runner mold.

Rheo-Pro® CV-ST valve gate sequence controller with integrated temperature control offer a customizable number of control zones and form factors

Smarter Molds, Better Parts
High quality plastic parts require precise, adaptive hot runner controls. However, performance should not come at the cost of simplicity and ease of use. From the easy to learn interface to hot swap components, all Rheo-Pro® controllers are built with machine operators in mind.

What you see is what you get. Quickly start up or fine tune your system using intuitive, customizable control solutions.

Seamless Integration

MHS develops systems that merge plastics processing technology, hot runner molds, controllers and communication tools into comprehensive, scaleable solutions, tying together the entire molding process - from the operator to the global decision makers.


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Rheo-Pro® Valve Gate Controllers
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Analysis and Optimization




  High resolution touch screen control for easy overview and quick processing adjustments  
  PID² temp control loops with auto tuning and self diagnostics  
  Precision thermocouple input units  
  Rear mounted power switching units allow for easy swapping in the case of a blown fuse  
  Bulk set point changes  
  Boost and standby features are fully customizable  
  PowerBalance™ algorithm brings all temperature zones up together allowing for faster start-up and no risk of material degradation  

The Rheo-Pro® CV touch screen interface can be hand held, controller mounted or machine mounted, and is easy to use, fully customizable and quick to update.


Live Production Analytics

M2M® Manufacturing Solutions offer real time, browser based production reports and data logging of mold performance


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