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At MHS we believe that making better plastic parts means building better expert teams. That’s why we do more than produce some of the world’s most innovative and reliable injection molding systems. Our processing experts work with you directly throughout every stage of production to improve the quality of your part and to optimize the productivity of your mold.


Hot Runner Service


Experience You Can Trust
Every solution we provide represents over 30 years of engineering expertise in the field of hot runner injection molding. Our in-depth understanding of processing issues informs our systematic approach to finding new and better solutions.

Complete Engineering Solutions
In a highly competitive market, success happens one project at a time. Injection molding is a multi-disciplinary technology that requires seamless interaction between specialists. Our integrated and proactive philosophy covers all aspects of your project, from the design phase to the finished part to the most comprehensive all-around support in the industry.

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High Performance Systems
Our complete line of hot runner and injection molding systems is 100% made in North America and designed to increase the overall efficiency, reliability and profitability of your molding operation. We deliver measurable results that improve the quality of your plastic part, increase your production output, and reduce your operating costs.



A full range of molding solutions with a focus on lightweighting and reliability, including plastic parts for interiors, exteriors, under the hood, safety equipment, and lighting



Solutions for consumer electronics and industrial applications, including micro-injection molding for fast prototype and high volume production, insert-molding, over-molding, and multi-component molding


Medical and Healthcare

Valve gate and thermal gate solutions with a focus on part quality and consistency, including multi-material medical devices, disposable syringes, diagnostic equipment, and clean room micro molding


Building and Construction

Hot runner solutions with a focus on durability and flow control for large, heavy shot weight plastic parts, including cascade fill and sequential valve gate systems for roofing, siding, fencing, and flooring applications



Innovative solutions for both highly standardized products such as caps, closures, PET bottle pre-forms, and thin wall containers, as well as custom projects such as specialty closures and containers


Logistics and Reusable Transit Packaging

Technology focused on extremely strong, lightweight plastic parts optimized for storage and transportation, including stack mold and gas assist hot runners for pallets, bins, collapsible crates, and large containers


Personal Care and Consumer Goods

Aesthetic design, safety, functionality and brand differentiation are among the driving factors that create leaders in the consumer industries. We offer a wide range of solutions that add value to the plastic parts people use every day.


Aerospace and Transportation

Lighter, faster, stronger. MHS delivers the latest hot runner technology to power large transportation and infrastructure projects, backed by complete engineering support from design to production.


Appliances and Home Products

With a complete selection of injection molding systems and global molding support, MHS enables innovative design for manufacturers of both large and small appliances.


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MHS is a global supplier of hot runner systems, injection molding machines, controllers, and engineering support for manufacturers of plastic parts.