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Hot Runner Flow Simulation
Sequential Valve Gating

Rheo-Pro® sequential valve gate (SVG) hot runner systems offer precision timing of the individual valve gates opening and closing, enabling accurate control of the melt flow through the nozzle into the cavity. Sequential valve gating helps to control the injection molding process in a number of key areas: balance, flow control and flexibility.

Accurate Sequence Control

MHS offers a flexible and user friendly program of high performance control solutions for all sequential fill plastic parts. From mold mounted air actuation units to wireless, browser based controls, Rheo-Pro® CV valve gate sequence controllers ensure consistent results for a wide range of injection molding projects.

Rheo-Pro® CV series valve gate controllers offer powerful, user friendly solutions for applications with 4 to 300 control zones


Cascade Molding
Plastic parts with large surface areas require a valve gate hot runner system that offers total control of each individual gate. A fully automated injection process with a cascade sequence allows the melt front to flow with 100% accuracy, repeatibility, and perfect fill results. Since all valve gate hot runners rely on a mechanical shut-off at the gate, they require moving parts that operate under extreme forces inside the mold. The reliability of these components over many continous cycles is critical. MHS builds simple to use systems for even the most challenging parts, including hot runners for all types of cascade injection molds.


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Balanced Parts
Achieve accurate part weight distribution control in family molds, tandem molds and stack molds producing different size parts with each shot.


Flow Control
Ensure fill and flow front control in the cavity and solve venting, weld line, shrink and/or part warpage issues. These processing details can be accurately addressed before mold designs are finalized using fill, pack, cool and warp simulation and analysis.


Make corrections on the go. When molding parameters, material viscosity or part designs change, SVG gives the mold operator the means to fine tune the processing conditions in mid-production using the intuitive touch screen interface of Rheo-Pro® CV series controllers.


Hot Runner Valve Gate Cylinders

pneumatic valve gate actuators ensure accurate and reliable control of the injection sequence

Valve gate hot runner system for sequentially molded automotive wheel liner featuring new cooling-free Black Box™ actuators


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