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Pre-Engineered Hot Runner Systems
Meet our versatile and cost effective new line of hot runners for standard injection molding applications. Quick-Start™ manifold systems are pre-engineered with a focus on reliability, part quality, fast delivery, and great cost performance. This new product family is specifically designed to complement our flagship, custom engineered Rheo-Pro® series hot runners.

Cost Effective Performance
Quick-Start™ manifold systems come in a wide selection of pre-designed configurations that feature the same high performance components found in our custom engineered Rheo-Pro® hot runners. There are many standard combinations available to choose from, for a variety of common mold layouts. The designs have been optimized for ease of operation and maintenance in all markets. Every MHS hot runner system ships fully assembled and tested for fast, convenient mold integration, and is covered by one of the best warranties in the industry.

For custom applications, explore our
Rheo-Pro® series hot runner systems



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Rheo-Pro® Hot Runner Systems
Analysis and Optimization


Hot Runner Catalog Catalog PDF


Design Files CAD - 3D Parasolid


  2 Drops - I   4 Drops - X   4 Drops - H   8 Drops - HH   16 Drops - HH
Gate spacing (mm) 200   200 x 200   150 x 200   150 x 300   210 x 210
  250   250 x 250   150 x 250   200 x 300   240 x 240
  300   300 x 300   150 x 300   250 x 300   270 x 270
  350   350 x 350   150 x 350   300 x 300   300 x 300
  400   400 x 400   150 x 400   150 x 400    
          200 x 250   200 x 400    
          200 x 300   250 x 400    
          200 x 350   300 x 400    
          200 x 400        
          250 x 300        
          250 x 350        
          250 x 400        



Nozzle Length Tip Style 1   Tip Style 2   Tip Style 3   Tip Style 4
50 mm 1.0 mm gate   1.0   1.0   1.0
  1.5   1.5   1.5   1.5
  2.5   2.5   2.5   2.5
70 mm 1.0   1.0   1.0   1.0
  1.5   1.5   1.5   1.5
  2.5   2.5   2.5   2.5
90 mm 1.0   1.0   1.0   1.0
  1.5   1.5   1.5   1.5
  2.5   2.5   2.5   2.5

File Format Information
X_T - 3D Parasolid

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Mold Flow Analysis
  Nozzle Series
Hot Halves
Manifold Systems

Single Bushings
* N08 hot runner nozzle for shot size of up to 300 g




A Better Warranty
Every MHS hot runner system is covered by the best limited warranty in the industry

Hot Runner Heater

Precision Temperature
Our patented heat control technology ensures that even the most sensitive polymers and additives maintain their integrity

Melt Flow

More Processing Control
Accurate melt distribution from the barrel to the gate and throughout the cavity delivers consistent molding results and fast color change

Valve Gate Cylinder

Extreme Durability
Our systems are built to last longer because 24/7 production demands the most wear resistant, reliable hot runner components


Fast Color Change
The design and construction of MHS hot runner systems minimizes the number of shots required for color changes

Hot Runner Controller

User Friendly Design
Ease of installation, operation and maintenance guarantee better results and lower operating costs


No Wasted Material
Benefit from the savings of direct gating by eliminating wasted material in the form of a cold runner


Innovative Technology
MHS offers solutions unavailable anywhere else in the industry, the direct result of our customer centered design approach



Hot Runner Selection Tools


Hot Runner Terminology

Nozzle Size and Part Weight


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Gate Sizing

Hot Runner Best Practices

MHS Hot Runner Warranty

MHS Technology Overview



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