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MHS delivers a wide range of plastic injection molding solutions for high volume packaging, from thin wall containers and closures to PET bottle preform molds. We help you produce safe, strong and environmentally friendly plastic parts that take care of the product, our planet and your bottom line. Discover why companies around the world rely on Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems.

Caps and Closures
Discover how new, ultra-compact iVG™ stack mold technology allows plastic cap and closure manufacturers to double production without having to invest in additional or larger injection molding machines.

New Rheo-Pro® iVG™ stack molds deliver over 50% energy savings and 30% lower production costs

Rigid Bulk Packaging
MHS offers a complete selection of hot runner systems for the production of plastic reusable transit packaging. With increase in manufacturing activities globally, growth will be driven by increased emphasis among users of these containers on sustainability and closed-loop supply chains.

Stack molds, family molds, multi-component injection molds, in-mold labeling, and insert molding are just a few of the specialized processes MHS design systems for.

7-Component collapsible crate for the produce industry, manufactured with a Rheo-Pro® family mold hot runner


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Rheo-Pro® iVG™ Stack Molds for Closures
High Cavity Valve Gating

M2M® Manufacturing Solutions
Family Molding
Stack Molds
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  Faster cycle times  
  Superior part quality  
  Increased production outputs and uptime  
  Optimized for automated, high volume molding environments  
  Quick color change  

Thin Wall Packaging
For packaging containers thin wall means wall thicknesses that are less than 0.025 inch (0.62mm) with a flow length to wall thickness ratio greater than 200. MHS offers specialized solutions for thin wall packaging applications including extremely compact stack molds with back-to-back Rheo-Pro® iVG™ internal valve gate technology. 

Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems for thin wall molding deliver fast cycle times, and improved energy and material savings

Carrying handle for 4L PET water bottle molded with Rheo-Pro® iVG™ internal valve gate hot runner

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MHS is a global supplier of hot runner systems, injection molding machines, controllers, and engineering support for manufacturers of plastic parts.