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2K Injection Molding
Multi Material Molding

Multi-material or multi-component molding is the injection of two or more different materials into one plastic part to achieve a specific function (e.g. hard/soft combination of PP and TPE, core/skin combination, multi-color design). The process, also referred to as multi-shot injection molding or two-shot injection molding, is an efficient and cost effective way to produce custom plastic parts with two or more plastic resins or colors in one operation.

A multi-material hot runner distributes the different melt streams from two or more injection barrels to the gate locations of each mold cavity. The mold can rotate, shuttle or swivel to bring the cavity into the fill position for each material. Valve gating is the most common gating method for multi-material applications because it offers complete control of the gates and the injection process.

A Full Range of Solutions
MHS offers complete solutions for simple as well as complex multi-component applications such as sandwich molded parts and barrier layer molds, in which the core material is injected through the frozen skin layer.

Rheo-Pro® two-shot hot runner system with two separate manifolds and melt inlets for hard/soft overmold application requiring fast and frequent color change


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Rheo-Pro® Hot Runner Systems
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  Soft touch handle grips and components with value added ergonomic and aesthetic features  
  Multi-colored parts  
  Parts with molded seals, flexible hinges, or movable components  
  Technical parts that reduce vibration, dampen noise  
  Dashboard or instrumentation parts for automotive and transportation industries  


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