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Manufacturing Solutions

Global Production Intelligence

You want access to your production data - anywhere, anytime. MHS helps you stay in the lead by offering you complete control of your entire molding operation.

Control to Go
M2M® manufacturing solutions enable real-time data logging and production reporting for multiple injection molding systems. Our Rheo-Pro® hot runner controllers and browser-based visualization tools offer a live, online overview of all your molds and injection molding machines, whether they are operating in a single plant or in multiple locations around the world.

Online Mold Conntrol

M2M® Analytics
From your smart phone or your computer, M2M® Analytics allows you to monitor, compare and analyze the performance of all your molding cells, on the go. All key parameters are securely logged, backed up and accessible through your remote log-in. Production output, downtime, failure reporting, machine status, operator performance - everything is available at your fingertips.

Injection Molding Production Analytics

Real time, browser based production reports

M2M® NetworkWireless Networks for Injection Molding Machines


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Rheo-Pro® Hot Runner Systems
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  Minimize downtime, optimize process  
  Reduce scrap  
  Measure and compare performance in real time  
  Set remote alarms on process limits  
  Automated database back-up  
  Encrypted, wireless networking  
  Secure user accounts  


M2M® Cloud
Multiple Rheo-Pro® CV hot runner controllers can be wirelessly networked to transmit logged data and live processing parameters to an M2M® Server. Individual M2M® Servers can be networked globally via the cloud to log and report molding results from different injection molding plants, making them an ideal solution for large scale projects made up of many molding cells. M2M® Analytics offers online access and analysis tools for the collected production history through a safe, easy to use dashboard interface. All data is transmitted using 128-bit encryption and all user accounts are securely password protected.

Rheo-Pro® CV series hot runner controllers

M2M® Analytics is about more than monitoring your molding cells, it offers real time production intelligence without barriers so you can get the most out of your entire operation


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