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Plastics are reshaping the shipping world. We can sustainably build stronger, lighter, and faster containers by replacing materials like wood, pulp, and metal. Reusable transit packaging (RTP) has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, playing an important role in moving valuable goods across the globe. Collapsible crates, pallets, bins designed for custom automation, lightweight boxes and containers, pails and drums – these deliver goods safely every day. Simple as it may seem, rigid bulk packaging offers many advantages, such as product longevity, recyclability, flame and bug resistance, water proof seal, intelligent features like integrated GPS and product ID, compact storage when not in use, branding and appearance, ergonomic designs, and customization for automated production and shipping environments, just to name a few.

MHS offers a full range of solutions that focus on lightweighting and performance, such as this collapsible crate specifically designed to transport eggs

Lighter, stronger, faster
MHS has produced hot runner solutions for every type of shipping and material handling product. Stack molds, family molds, multi-component injection molds, in-mold labeling, and insert molding are just a few of the specialized processes we design systems for. Contact us today to find out more about how MHS can help you achieve your specific goals.   

Move Melt Anywhere

The Rheo-Pro® Slide™ Manifold is a revolutionary new type of hot runner system with rotating melt transfer joints that allows linked manifold segments to move freely in order to distribute plastic anywhere inside the injection mold. The new technology now makes it possible to create injection points, or gates, directly inside the moving slides of a mold. It also allows molders to create continuous melt transfer connections that maintain contact, and therefore flow, even when the mold plates separate.


Rheo-Pro® N30 valve gate nozzle with VA630 actuator is among the largest hot runners available in the industry


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MHS specializes in adding efficiencies, like stack molding, to molded RTP products such as these produce containers

Large Stack Mold

3600 kg (8000 lbs) hot half for a stack mold 160 x 152 cm (63 x 60” ) 1+1 cavities for HDPE flame-retardant pallet with a part weight of 7.7 kg (17.5 lbs)


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