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Insert and Overmolding

MHS has an long track record of successful overmolding and insert molding applications. Both insert molding and overmolding allow us to mold plastics into or around existing or pre-molded items. This can include combining insert molding or overmolding using parts made of the same material—or different materials that include aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, copper, and more.

Rheo-Pro® hot runner system for precision medical device using metal insert molding

Metal Inserts

Insert molding can reduce final product cost by limiting the amount of costly metal needed to create a part. With insert molding, we inject the selected molding material into a cavity which contains an “insert piece” or pieces, resulting is a single part with the insert or inserts encapsulated by the plastic material. This is especially beneficial for the assembly of discrete parts, often eliminating the need for soldering, fasteners, connectors, or adhesives.

Large, tandem molded washer components with metal insert molding, valve-to-valve melt transfer through part center hole. First part weight 3.6kg, second part 1.0kg

Bonding Different Materials
Overmolding involves the precise plastic injection molding of one material over a second material. For over-molding success, knowledge of material compatibility is crucial. Our extensive expertise in this field helps assure your end part will have the strong end-application bond and performance that your project requires.


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  Reduced assembly time and cost  
  Reduced part size and weight  
  Increased completed-part accuracy and performance reliability  
  Expanded part design flexibility  

Micro-Injection Molding with Inserts
The new M3 injection molding machine can be configured to run two shot, multi-material and overmolding processes. The M3 comes fully equipped with onboard automation. Its robotic take-off and part handling systems remove each individual micro part for seamless downstream processing.

Direct gated (hot tip) 0.010 g micro molded PSU over metal syringe needle, produced using Rheo-Pro® thermal gate hot runner
POM automotive fuel filter with fine mesh insert, molded using Rheo-Pro® iVG™ internal valve gate technology

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