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Heavy Shot Weight Parts

Injection molded plastic parts with a large shot weight, or shot size, require a large volume of melt delivery from the machine barrel to the cavity. MHS specializes in the design and production of large, high performance molding applications and has developed a range of products that improve the reliability and the quality of the injection mold. Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems for large parts feature manifolds, nozzles and gate openings specifically designed for massive melt flow that keeps the shear rate in the desired range. Pressure drop is minimized by addressing the shear rate and melt viscosity inside the various sections of the manifold channels and the hot runner nozzles. Rheo-Pro® hot runners are built with melt channel of up to 30.0 mm (N30 nozzles) for extremely large plastic parts.    

Heavy duty plastic pallet with a part weight of 27kg (60 lbs)

Analysis and Processing Support

MHS offers complete in-house process simulation and flow analysis services to optimize your large injection molded parts. We specialize in stack mold and tandem mold solutions as well as sequential and cascade fill. MHS has designed systems with shot weights up to 200kg with an injection/compression process.

Move Melt Anywhere

The Rheo-Pro® Slide™ Manifold is a revolutionary new type of hot runner system with rotating melt transfer joints that allows linked manifold segments to move freely in order to distribute plastic anywhere inside the injection mold. The new technology now makes it possible to create injection points, or gates, directly inside the moving slides of a mold. It also allows molders to create continuous melt transfer connections that maintain contact, and therefore flow, even when the mold plates separate.

The Slide™ hot runner‘s articulating manifold arms can “swing” to allow melt channels to move freely during operation


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The Rheo-Pro® N30 valve gate nozzle with Black Box™ VA6015 cooling-free actuator is among the largest hot runners available in the industry

Stack Molds
Compared to conventional single-face molds, stack molds can virtually double the output of an injection molding machine by distributing the plastic melt into two or more separate mold parting surfaces.


Stack Mold Hot Runner

Sequentially controlled stack mold valve gate manifold system with a thermal to valve gate melt transfer through the center of the mold parting line

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