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The form and function of the automobile has inspired drivers for over a century. As the car evolves, along with the industry that created it, plastic parts are playing an increasingly important role in shaping the future of transportation. MHS delivers the reliability and innovative ideas to help today's automotive manufacturers stay creative, lean and competitive. We offer fast, global customer support and cutting edge Rheo-Pro® hot runner technology designed for 100% performance and on-time delivery.   

MHS offers a full range of high performance molding solutions that focus on lightweighting and reliability

Driving Change
New materials and processes are redefining automotive design. Plastics can take on any form and adopt valuable characteristics that help car manufacturers produce lighter, safer vehicles, dampen road and engine noise, create exciting new shapes and textures for interiors and exteriors, and improve performance and fuel efficiency. Injection molded parts are ideal for fast, consistent and fully automated mass production. MHS engineers highly reliable and innovative hot runner technology that drives the world’s best automotive brands into the lead.  

BMW engine noise shield made with PBT, highly abrasive barium sulfate (BaS) filler and glass fiber reinforcement (50%) 

Cascade Molding
Large plastic parts with complex geometries require a valve gate hot runner system that offers total control of every individual gate. A fully automated injection process with a cascade sequence allows the melt front to flow with 100% accuracy, repeatability, and perfect fill results. Since all valve gate hot runners rely on a mechanical shut-off at the gate, they require moving parts that operate under extreme forces inside the mold. The reliability of these components over many continuous cycles is critical in automotive manufacturing. MHS builds simple to use systems for even the most challenging parts, including hot runners for all types of sequential valve gate (SVG) and cascade injection molds.

Stack mold hot runner system for cascade molded automotive parts featuring Rheo-Pro® iVG™ internal valve gate melt transfer (valve-to-valve)

M3 Injection Molding Machines

Increasingly, automotive components include small, precision plastic parts. Our all new electro-pneumatic injection molding machines offer unparalleled performance in an extremely compact, user friendly package. The M3 series features our patented ISOKOR™ technology, specifically designed to address the unique challenges of molding small, direct gated plastic parts. From prototype, to low volume, to mass production - the M3 series delivers superior part quality, speed, and flexibility.

M3 injection molding machines offer a fast, seamless transition from protoype to high volume production of small to micro-sized plastic parts, using low cost cavity inserts


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Rheo-Pro® hot runner systems with fully adjustable nozzle angles for each drop offer unparalleled design flexibility and reliability for plastic parts such as contoured lighting systems

More Mold Uptime

Reliability is everything. Automotive production lines and supply chains cannot afford downtime. Only the most robust and easy to use hot runner systems can deliver uninterrupted performance. Products like cooling-free Black Box™ and iVG™ hot runners represent a new generation of valve gate systems that does not require maintenance during the life of the mold. These systems were developed to eliminate all quality issues related to cooling water, such as corrosion and contamination. Less plumbing also simplifies the design and assembly of the mold.


New Black Box™ valve gate actuators combine rugged performance at any temperature with a more powerful shut-off force for the most reliable, user-friendly hot runner systems.

New cooling-free technology can benefit all valve gate applications, including high temperature plastics such as PEEK, LCP, PSU, PEI, and PPS, known for their special properties. Processing these materials requires high melt temperatures of up to 450°C in the hot runner and mold temperatures of over 200°C. Black Box™ and iVG™ hot runner systems deliver uninterrupted performance under extreme conditions without cooling or wear. The result is a significant increase in reliability and mold uptime.

Glass filled polyester brake amplifiers (before, with conventional cold runner and after, with direct valve gating and zero wasted material). The hot runner system features dual pneumatic valve gate actuators for extreme shut-off force.

A Versatile Industry Partner
MHS offers a full range of solutions that focus on lightweighting and performance, including plastic parts for: automotive interiors such as dashboards, instrumentation and floor mats; exteriors such as trim, body panels, wheel liners and bumpers; under-the-hood parts such as engine covers, tanks and high temperature components; safety equipment such as brakes and passenger restraint systems; and lighting equipment such as head light and tail light lenses.


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