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Today's consumers expect more, so should you. MHS is a trusted partner for appliance manufacturers around the globe because of our unparalleled project support and innovative and systematic approach to improved quality and reduced cost. Whether you are looking to make stronger parts with less material, more functional or exotic parts with multi-material injection or consolidate production through stack molding and family molding, we have the solutions that will help you succeed.   

Flexible Melt Channels
The Rheo-Pro® Slide™ Manifold is a revolutionary new type of hot runner system with rotating melt transfer joints that allows linked manifold segments to move freely in order to distribute plastic anywhere inside the injection mold. The new technology now makes it possible to create injection points, or gates, directly inside the moving slides of a mold. It also allows molders to create continuous melt transfer connections that maintain contact, and therefore flow, even when the mold plates separate.

94 drop hinged manifold system for extremely large, lightweight PP part with a thin wall thickness of 1.0 mm and valve gates in the moving mold slides on 4 side walls. The hot runner features 12 Slide™ joint elements (hinges) that allow the mold to 'open and close' during each cycle.


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Compact Valve Gating Solutions
Complex new mold concepts are made possible only using advanced hot runner systems. MHS engineers simple but powerful tools that enable efficiency through automation and process improvement, like the innovative Rheo-Pro® iVG™ internal valve gate.

Rheo-Pro® iVG™ back-to-back internal valve gate for side injection of clear PS fridge drawers. Manifold moves with cavities for demolding parts with undercuts.

Now Possible
Whether valve gating or thermal gating, MHS offers more innovative, custom engineered solutions than any other hot runner provider. Discover for yourself how we can improve the way your parts are made.

Cascade molded thin wall part for refrigerator produced with a Rheo-Pro® valve gate hot runner and CV sequence controller


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