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Multi Tip Valve Gate Hot Runner
Multi-Tip Valve Gate


The Rheo-Pro® M05VG multi-tip valve gate is ideal for molding direct gated, runnerless micro parts with clean, high quality gate marks. M05VG hot runners distribute melt through tight, circular clusters of either 4 or 6 gates per nozzle. (An X-shaped hot runner manifold system with four 6 tip nozzles, for example, will feed a 24 cavity mold.) The extremely tight gate spacing offers compact mold designs with shorter runners, or melt channels, ideal for micro molded plastic parts. This is important because it reduces the melt residence time for sensitive molding materials like POM, PC and PSU.

Multi Tip Nozzle Tips

Improve Part Quality
The M05VG can direct valve gate micro parts with a weight of less than 5 mg. It delivers clean gate marks of 0.7 mm - 1.0 mm diameter with zero gate vestige. Traditional thermal gates and hot tip gates experience inherent problems with micro molding applications because of cold slugs and gate vestige on the part surface. These methods often fail to achieve the part quality required for precision micro parts, particularly in medical applications.

Rheo-Pro® M05VG multi-tip valve gate hot runner nozzle with 6 gates (also available in a 4 tip version)

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Rheo-Pro® M05 Thermal Gate Multi-tip Nozzles




  Clean gate marks with zero gate vestige  
  Processing temperatures of up to 400°C / 800°F  
  Ultimate fill control for high cavity micro parts  
  Consistency for automated production  
  Quick start-up  


Micro Injection Molding

Direct gated micro gear produced in a 32 cavity mold

Increase Productivity
Automation and valve gating go hand in hand. The M05 multi-tip valve gate nozzle elevates high volume production of injection molded micro parts to the next level of consistency, quality and efficiency. Precision shut off pins guarantee the ultimate gate control. The valve actuators are synchronized with millisecond accuracy throughout all gates to deliver a completely balanced melt flow. The M05VG nozzle is especially suited for commodity materials but performs well with engineering and high temperature polymers.

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