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Seamless from Prototype to Mass Production
The revolutionary new M3 redefines injection molding for small, direct gated plastic parts by outperforming competing technologies by a wide margin. The patented electro-pneumatic molding cell delivers fully automated, high volume molding to all industries that demand extreme precision, quality and speed. The M3 also offers a high degree of flexibility for low volume and prototype molding without the use of traditional injection molds found in conventional IM machines.

The all new M3 can direct valve gate small and micro-sized plastic parts with a shot weight of 1 to 400 mg

Fast, Low Cost Prototype Molding
The M3 operates using compact and cost effective modular inserts, each containing eight micro cavities, completely doing away with the traditional injection mold structure. It simplifies the mold design and speeds up the transition from prototype molding to mass production since all processing parameters and conditions are identical in both. No additional validation is required.

M3 cavity and core inserts replace traditional injection molds and offer fast and cost effective prototype molding with a seamless transition to mass production

M3 mold inserts can accomodate multiple part designs with different shot weights as well as slides and moving components for complex geometries. The cavities can easily be arranged to run two shot, multi-material and overmolding processes.

ISOKOR™ Technology
What sets the M3 series apart from other small injection molding machines is that it operates on a completely new rheological concept. By conditioning the polymer for injection close to the gate, the patented ISOKOR™ process significantly reduces melt residence time, protecting the integrity of the resin. This solves one of the most significant challenges in micro-injection molding, that of material degradation. It does this without compromising cycle time, making the machine fast and productive. It also allows the M3 to operate with a more efficient clamp force of 40 kN, generated by a set of industrial electromagnets.

Clean Room Optimized
The M3 is built from the ground up to be clean room ready. The system operates using electro-pneumatic components, controlled by a user friendly, front mounted touch screen display. The M3 is extremely small and can easily be moved by rolling the machine using its robust leveling castors. The molding cell offers ample room for peripheral equipment and additional automation from all four sides of the mold parting line.


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  Produces high quality, direct gated plastic parts without wasted cold runner material  
  Part weight from 1 - 400 mg  
  From cost effective prototype molding to high output  
  Can produce multiple part designs per shot  
  Patented ISOKOR™ injection process reduces melt residence time and protects the morphology of the resin  
  Small footprint  
  Fully automated part handling and take out robot for lights out production  
  Integrated vision inspection system  
  Powerful, user friendly machine controls with touch screen interface  
  Optimized for clean rooms  
  Energy savings  

It's a small world...
Products are trending toward miniaturization in a number of industry sectors including electronics, telecommunications and medical, but traditional molding solutions for small parts can be costly and cumbersome. The M3 offers a better alternative.

3.6 mm micro-electronic circuit board component molded with challenging material PA4.6

Complete Production Solution
The M3 offers complete onboard automation. Its robotic take-out and part handling systems can remove each plastic part individually for seamless downstream processing, as required by the specific application. Quality control is powered by an integrated vision system that inspects each part and cavity during the take-out cycle. These checks occur simultaneously in under one second between shots.


The M3 is a tie-bar-less injection molding machine with ample room for peripheral equipment and additional automation from all four sides of the mold parting line. The standard M3 take-off system (optional) is powered by an integrated robot that enters the mold area from above. It can also be configured to enter the mold from the side or bottom. This is convenient for optional reel-to-reel processes.



Say goodbye to wasted cold runner material
The M3 offers all the advantages of direct gate hot runner technology. Eliminating cold runners reduces waste in form of scrap material and leads to substantial cost savings.
Additionally, the new process is extremely energy efficient and minimizes the waste that is often associated with molding micro parts, where the weight of the runner is multiple times the weight of the actual part produced. Of course, you can still mold parts with small cold runners in the M3 if your application requires it. You may choose to do so if you are molding extremely small parts, need the runner for part handling and downstream automation, or to increase your part count.

Composite engineering resin (30% glass) fiber 40 mg micro part. M3 direct valve gating eliminates the traditional cold runner. The cold runner to parts ratio in this application is 10:1.

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